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Find out more about our background and team members...

Prime Factor Consulting is a database solutions provider with over 12 years’ experience in creating customized CRM systems for various industry leaders internationally.

We take the vision of our customers to heart and create solutions that support commercial goals as well as organisations, technical, work-flow and reporting requirements.

We can't wait to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.
Our Competitive Edge


  • We have more than 12 years experience in creating successful CRM systems

  • Our team has been recognized and awarded by Microsoft as the Top 5% of the World CRM Implementers from 2005 through 2012

  • Our solutions are cost effective and cater to the clients’ budget

  • Our solutions are highly flexible to adapt to business changes

  • We facilitate customized integration with partner systems (WeChat, PMS, POS, mobile apps, social media listening tools, hotel management systems, etc )

  • We have experience in various industries and are able to look at challenges from a different perspective and are able to grow with our customers


Krittapon Indarakris

Managing Director (Founder and the Executive Advisor of Blue Intelligence)


Kasemchai Wattanasirichaikul

Database Specialist and Software Development Lead


Jiraphong Hattha

Technical Lead


Phawinee Indarakris

Business Solutions Lead




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